Corporate Training

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery."
-Mark Van Doren

JOBS 'n TA has developed a range of training modules suitable for application in different corporate and individual environments. Our courses and development programs are designed to achieve maximum impact, with the minimum disruption of normal work, or time away from base.

JOBS 'n TA , helps trainees to discover their true inner potential, and achieve their desired goals while having fun along the way. Exploring the essence of your inner self and utilizing your inherent talents to scale new heights is what we do by believing YES ! YOU CAN !.

Our corporate training programs combine modern theory, with practical interactive delivery style; enabling delegates to take an active part in the 'learning' experience. Role plays, business games and group exercises are used to make the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable. Our learning development solutions, will have a direct and measurable impact on trainee Key Performance Indicators

You may choose from a range of our signature training programs or may employ us to custom make a training program as per the skill, will and knowledge levels of your employees. We have a scientific and client friendly process, to identify unique training requirements and suggest appropriate solutions, for every client.

Our Signature Training Programs

  • Team building & Bonding
  • Behavioural Enhancement Training
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Change Management
  • Sales Training
  • Customer orientation
  • Decision Making
  • Good to Great Company

Employability Solutions

The challenges that face us in modern life are numerous and complex. In order to deal with them successfully our graduates must be fully equipped, well-rounded, and focused on their proposed paths to success. Academic studies are the primary part of grooming the individual for life ahead they are not the “whole package”. Some of the most significant changes will occur in the area of personal development and will be facilitated through our following programs:

  • Pre-Prep Placement Training
  • Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Campus to Corporate